New Camera Stabilization Options!

2eyeguy recently added Roll/Pitch/Yaw correction!  I spent some time working on fixing some of the odd glitches and then added “Keyhole” and “Keyhole Snap” as additional options.  I think these improvements are a big useability jump for Dolphin VR!  Here’s a run down of what the new features do:

Roll/Pitch correction: As long as there are no bugs in the particular game, this seems to improve basically everything. Cutscenes no longer have weird roll/yaw, 3rd person games don’t change the camera level, and 1st person games don’t tilt your head up when you aim upwards (huge improvement). Morphball still yaw’s weirdly, but is better than without it.

Roll/Pitch + Yaw correction: This on it’s own is interesting, but has some issues. It makes no sense in 3rd person games and will just mess with the camera, so it should be turned off for them. 1st person, it only makes sense if you’re a player who stands, because then you can turn yourself while you aim, to always keep your view inline with your body. It’s a bit confusing. Cutscenes often are facing the wrong way, which is annoying. It’s easy to lose the object you’re supposed to focusing on with this enabled. On the upside, your view will never be rotated, so it should be very low motion sickness.

Roll/Pitch + Yaw + Keyhole: This fixes a lot of the problems with just pure Yaw correction. Now cutscenes are always facing the right way, and are a bit better, because they can rotate a bit without moving your view. Your body stays mostly attached to your view, which is great. This still has view dragging, so it’s more likely to cause motion sickness than full yaw correction, but better than none. Morphball is smooth and stays in view. Better than the previous options in my opinion.

Roll/Pitch + Yaw + Keyhole + Snap: This is just like keyhole, except it should have very little motion sickness. Now your view snaps 10-45 degrees to the side when you turn out of your view. It takes a bit of getting used to, but there is no horizontal view dragging, which is known to cause sickness. Also, cutscenes that have rotation no longer rotate! They keep the same yaw until the object of interest gets out of your view, then it snaps back to the object of interest. I personally find cutscenes to be very nauseating, but with this option I find that problem mostly fixed. The morphball stays in view and your view snaps to it when it starts getting out of view. This is my favorite mode right now, as someone who suffers from simulator sickness in 1st person games.

Once again, all of this is optional and configurable in the GUI, you everyone can choose their own control scheme :).

Bonus Video of Keyhole in action:

One big thing left to do is have the ability to have positional correction, keyhole, and snap. This would be the most extreme form of motion sickness prevention. In 3rd person games, the view would occasionally jump forward/backwards/sideways when the character gets too far away. I imagine it would eliminate motion sickness in most 3rd person games. I think it would work okay in 1st person games as well, but it would lower the immersion/presence quite a bit. It would still be a great option for those people who get motion sick easily. Note: I don’t know how to do this yet, and I’m kind of hoping that 2eyeguy has a good idea for correction against position. It’s certainly much harder to correct for than roll/pitch/yaw, so I’m not guaranteeing this will become a reality.


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