I finally got around to updating Dolphin VR for CV1 and SDK 1.3

I finally got around to updating Dolphin VR for CV1 and SDK 1.3.  :)

It still has some bugs, for example the mirror window isn’t working on Direct3D yet. And I’m not even sure that Opcode Replay mode is working correctly. And I have not pulled the last several months of Dolphin updates, so it is not current with master. And some things may be hardcoded for DK2, like Metroid Prime visors, and haven’t been fixed.

Before you can run applications (like Dolphin VR) outside Oculus Home, you need to have Unknown Sources enabled. In the Oculus app window, click on the cog > Settings > General > Unknown Sources.

Dolphin VR 4.0-9519 x64 1.3

You will need to rip your GameCube or Wii games to your hard-drive or USB stick, because most optical drives can’t read them directly. If you have a Wii or a Wii U (it doesn’t need to be modded) and an external hard-drive or USB memory stick, then you can install homebrew channel and use it to dump games. See tutorials online for how to dump games for Dolphin.

Not all games work. Some work almost perfectly, and some are unplayable. Some games have Hide Object Codes and AR Cheat Codes to make them work better in VR, which you can find by right clicking a game in your game list in dolphin and choosing properties, then going to those tabs.

Don’t forget to set your Graphics, VR, and Controller options.

I’ve only tested this on DK2. CV1 probably works.
Vive might or might not work. The Vive controllers aren’t implemented yet.
Razer Hydra works (and can be used as a Nunchuk+Wiimote) but the button mapping is hardcoded, and you can’t see your hands yet.

7 thoughts on “I finally got around to updating Dolphin VR for CV1 and SDK 1.3

  1. Why does this need to be an EXE? I don’t need an installer for a portable application. I have to install it, make a copy, and uninstall it to get it out of my start menu and shit.


    • This is how the main Dolphin team has done it, so we use the same installer. The installer handles creating shortcuts, an uninstaller, and the creation of a folder in “my documents” with the common data to be shared between installations. Having the common folder is nice, because if you have multiple installations of Dolphin, you can share settings between them.

      I’m also a fan of .zip portable installations, but a lot of people need their hands held with an .exe.


  2. After getting my Oculus Rift yesterday, I’m very curious to try this one out, primarily with Metroid Prime. Is everything in ‘proper’ 3D? From what I’ve heard, some of the games/apps that aren’t officially supported and need some kind of mod or similar to work with VR have headtracking but the image you see isn’t stereoscopic (is that the right word?).


    • All of the games are stereoscopic and have head tracking without needing any kind of mods! Some games don’t work properly, or are broken, but that’s usually down to the emulator having bugs, not that the game needs mods. Sometimes in VR you will see where developers used tricks, and didn’t render everything in 3D. Ocarina of Time does this for instance in some houses. There’s not much to be done about something like this though.


      • Brilliant, great to hear it. I’m definitely very curious to play Metroid Prime in VR – it seems to be a great fit. Thanks for your work on this!


  3. Dude I’m dying for a new update with the master branch fixes please.
    Particular the Custom textures to RAM update….
    Cheers mate ,Love what your doing but dont spread yourself too thin with other projects, we wont you to stick to this one buddy ok 😉 Zelda with HD texture pack is relying on you to pull this off hahahaha!!!


  4. Can you update this. It’s been years. A lot of games would run way better with the newer dolphin. i.e. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I wish you had some kind of discord or email. I don’t wanna sign up for a forum just to reply and hope you see it. This isn’t 2003 anymore.


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