New PPSSPP VR version 1.1.1-915 for CV1

New version 1.1.1-915: (you should be able to install over the top without uninstalling)
Asynchronous Timewarp is always on. Don’t use Synchronous Timewarp, it is still buggy.
The mirror window doesn’t seem to work. There are still lots of bugs in the SDK 1.3 support, but people have been waiting long enough.

Compatability changes:


3nd Impact (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Are you Alice? (2D)
Astonishia Story 2 – Crimson Gem Saga – Garnet Chronicle
Audition Portable
Coded Soul
Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot
DJMax Portable 2
DJMax Portable HotTunes
flOw (much better in VR)
Free Running
Key of Heaven / Kingdom of Paradise / Tenshi no Mon (European has culling codes)
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Project DIVA 2nd
Ratatouille (USA has culling codes)
Tenchu: Time of the Assassins (Shinobi Taizen)


BattleZone (USA has culling codes)
BlazBlue Continuum Shift (2D)
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (USA)
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


Armored Core Formula Front
Me & My Katamari (Korean)
Spectral VS Generation (2D)
Spot the differences (2D)


Cabela’s African Safari
Death, Jr.
F1 (2005)
The Simpsons Game

12 thoughts on “New PPSSPP VR version 1.1.1-915 for CV1

    • Use the Revive Injector located here: and scroll down to “Standalone Games” and download the “Revive Injector”. Extract the folder and open the file location to the .exe of PPSSPP VR, and drop all files into that directory, then drag the PPSSPP .exe onto the “ReviveInjector_x64.exe” and you’re good to go! Another note, the menu of PPSSPP may be upside down in the Vive, so you’ll have to start your games from the desktop. Enjoy!


  1. Can you please reupload this emulator i can’t find it any where. I’ve scoured the net for a couple days lol. Please email link of possible.


      • so typical .. “pls gimme, I’m desperate”, “nvm found it, not gonna tell you where though lol”.
        this is seen a lot with newbies on stackoverflow. first they’re pouring their heart out about how it’s been so difficult, how freedom of information is so important and all sorts of grandiose statements to bait someone to help them, then some time later they come back just to say in the most minimal way possible that it’s solved. and nothing else, as if to gloat.
        I’ve been wondering about that, do they feel they’ve now attained some sort of hidden knowledge, a currency that should be protected, something they could barter with, hoping someone comes and begs them for it?
        or maybe it’s shame on some level, over the fact that it ended up being such a simple solution that it doesn’t even warrant an explanation?

        anyways, maybe it’s neither in this case, but here’s the link to download ppsspp-vr-1.1.1-915-Win32-1.3


  2. so… why has it disappeared? I found the github source code but that is not the actual emulator its uncompiled data. since this this link here is dead, does anyone have it stored on their google drive or something by chance? email me @ if you do. thanks -james


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