Dolphin VR 4.0-4238 Release Notes

Dolphin VR 4.0-4238 SDK 0.4.2 (Recommended)

Dolphin VR 4.0-4238 SDK 0.4.3 (Lowered 2D Menu Quality)

New Features:
1. VR GUI Button added. This lets you control and assign keys for “reset”, “free look”, “hud movement”, etc. You can use either a keyboard or gamepad, or combination of both.

—-a. Combinations are now supported (right click on the assign button), so you can assign something like “L Bumper + Right Y+” moves the camera up. Dolphin also supports assigning combinational NOTs in the GC/Wii settings, so you could set “Right Y+ & !L Bumper” for the C-stick. This means that holding down “L Bumper + Right Y+” would move only the VR camera, and wouldn’t use the GC C-Stick.

—-b. HUD Closer/Farther option added.

2. Oculus SDK 0.4.3. I didn’t notice any obvious improvements, but it did break Asynchronous Timewarp and the image quality has been impacted on 2D Menus. I recommend using the 0.4.2 version for now, but if you want to play around with 0.4.3 feel free. Maybe you will notice an improvement I didn’t! 0.4.2 works fine with the 0.4.3 runtime.

Other Fixes/Updates: (Done by 2EyeGuy)
1. Various small VR rendering fixes.
2. Defaults updated for some gate settings files.
3. 3D HUD elements are now working, except they fill fill the whole HUD instead of just the viewport portion. To be fixed in future.
4. Zelda 64 giant “A Button” fixed. Should also fix this for many other games.
5. Viewport recognition. This should fix most skybox bugs (they are now at infinity).
6. Limited “Splitscreen Multiplayer” support. Player 1 will show on the rift. HUD/Viewports are broken for this.

Updated to Dolphin Trunk
The last month worth of updates to the main Dolphin emulator have been merged.

-Direct3D mode is still very buggy.
—EFB copies are both displayed on the left eye
—VR Freelook doesn’t work in Direct3D mode.
—Asynchronous Timewarp is not implemented.
—Doesn’t start at all on some games.
—Sometimes you need to hit fullscreen a couple times to get it fill the full screen.
On the upside, it works on some games that OpenGL doesn’t. Super Mario Galaxy is very buggy but playable for instance.
-Asynchronous Timewarp is very slow. Most of the time it should be disabled.
-Many games don’t render correctly, or work very slowly.
-Hydra support may be broken or may work. There were updates in the main branch that broke it and I believe I fixed it. I don’t have a Hydra to test it though to see if my changes worked.

Configuration Tip!
If there is a game where you’re having problems hitting 75fps (causing judder), do this:
1. Change your refresh rate to 60hz in your Nvidia/AMD control panel.
2. Change the Dolphin Frame Rate limiter to 60fps.
3. Start a game. If you don’t have low persistence, toggle it off and on in the graphics options.
4. Enjoy low persistence at 60hz! It really helps out those games that are borderline (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door for instance).

My short term future plans (in no particular order):
-Add ability to increase/decrease VR Hotkeys step size for both XInput and DInput, and allow it to be binded to either.
-Allow savestates/loadstates with a gamepad.
-Fix Direct3D EFB bug.
-Fix issues with SDK v0.4.3. Possibly make a custom SDK version with fixes implemented?
-Move current VR graphics options into their own tab in the “VR” GUI.

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