Dolphin VR 4.0-4841 Release Notes

Dolphin VR Release 4.0-4841 SDK 0.4.4

Things are pretty clean in this release, except OpenGL mode which is in the middle of a merge to the main Dolphin’s stereoscopic rendering code. It’s been left in there for experimentation purposes, but using Direct3D is the best way to go right now.

1. Limited Synchronous Timewarp Added. This allows games to timewarp from 30fps->60fps, 25fps->75fps, 20fps->60fps. Basically only multiples are supported right now. On the upside it’s working pretty well without slowdowns and is mostly judder free! Wind Waker has a bug where it sometimes renders a frame twice when it’s enabled causing odd juddering and slow downs. We’re looking into that issue.
2. EFB Copy Clear Disable! This makes most of the previously unplayable games playable. This can be left on for most games without any issues, and clears up a bunch of black squares/screens that used to be in the way.
3. Object Removal GUI. Allows users to remove objects from being rendered. Users can find their own codes and I’ve included some for about 10 games. Right click on a game to set them.
4. OpenGL mode has a whole new implementation that’s much faster, but half finished.

Main Dolphin Trunk
The Non-VR Dolphin team has been doing a lot of great work optimizing and fixing bugs, which have all been merged.

Minor Fixes/Additions
-VR Hotkeys and Normal Hotkeys shared keys are linked again.
-FifoPlayer fix, AR code, and Patches fixes.
-VR Framerate added, but not completely working.

Read the “VR Instructions” tab for a quick setup rundown.

-Synchronous Timewarp in Wind Waker (and possibly more games?) causes random (about once a minute) slow downs caused by double frame rendering.
-EFB copies to Texture/RAM don’t render in stereo in D3D.
-Asynchronous Timewarp is broken in 0.4.3 SDK.
-Game speed runs at 1.25x if frame-limiter is set to 75fps.

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