Dolphin VR 4.0-6324 Release Notes

Dolphin VR Release 4.0-6324 SDK 0.4.4

– “Disable Near Clipping” option now mostly fixes rendering in games with this issue such as Pikmin and Animal Crossing.
– Virtual XFB is now implemented
– “Remove Blank EFB Copy Boxes” now works in OpenGL. Games like Mario Kart Wii, Okami, etc are now playable in OGL.
– Opcode Replay Buffer fixes increase compatibility and make it a bit faster. Still a lot of bugs to work out.
– Skybox depth fixes.
– Many miscellaneous game specific or small fixes.
– Support for Metroid Prime series.
– Support for zooming in games.

Main Dolphin Trunk
The Non-VR Dolphin team has been doing a lot of great work optimizing and fixing bugs, which have all been merged up to a couple days ago.

Other Fixes/Additions
– Object Removal Codes has undergone a massive overhaul and is way faster now. Now called “Hide Object Codes”.
– XAudio now fixed when using timewarp/opcode replay.
– Draw Hydras feature added that lets you see your Hydras in game (D3D only for now).
– Added start of “Motion Sickness Prevention” options. Allows reducing the FOV or blanking the screen during certain movements. Still a WIP.
– Wii Motion Plus emulation now working.
– DInput joysticks/gamepads now supported for VR hotkeys.
– Fixes to freelook to keep step size consistent. [u]Note: Do not adjust the Units Per Metre on games that have already been set! Use the global scale instead or freelook step size will be messed up.[/u]
– Dolphin no longer completely crashes when “Deterministic Dual Core Mode” is set while the “Opcode Replay Buffer” is enabled.
– NES Virtual Console support.
– More default settings added.

Culling Codes
Thanks to Penkamaster who made a bruteforcer and has been using it to slowly find codes. Complete list can be found here:
Note: Some of these may require slight overclocking of the emulated Dolphin CPU to work without stutter.

60fps Patches
-Pikmin 2 NTSC-U 60fps patch added. Not completely tested but seems to work.

– Read the “VR Instructions” tab for a quick setup rundown.
– RmObjCodes are now called HideObjectCodes, so if you have your own custom codes, they must be renamed in your .ini to appear again.
– Unchecking “Enable Idle Skipping” can sometimes fix weird slowdowns in the “Opcode Replay Buffer”.
– Sometimes using “Synchronize GPU Thread” can fix judder while using the “Opcode Replay Buffer”.

– Changing OpenGL resolution in game can cause headtracking issues and Vsync loss.
– Opcode Replay Buffer does not work perfectly in every game.
– “Synchronous Timewarp” sometiems causes some slight “buzzing”.
– “Opcode Replay Buffer” does not work when “Deterministic Dual Core Mode” is enabled.
– “Enable Idle Skipping” can sometimes cause issues with the “Opcode Replay Buffer”.
– Still plenty of rendering issues to fix.
– “Direct Mode” only works on my computer judder free with “Deterministic Dual Core Mode” or “Synchronize GPU Thread” enabled, and the mirrored window on, but resized to 0 pixels. Your mileage may vary.

One thought on “Dolphin VR 4.0-6324 Release Notes

  1. Hello there! It is great! But I just want to ask, what do you mean about Motion Plus emulation? I’ve Zelda Skyward Sword, but still can’t proceed. I don’t have a motion plus controller. So, I want to ask, if that “motion plus” on your emulator can make me play zelda skyward sword? I’ve tried it but nothing happened. I am waiting for your response. THanks a lot!


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