Dolphin VR 4.0-7252 Release Notes

Dolphin VR Release 4.0-7252 SDK 0.4.4

Note: It is now recommended that “Enable Idle Skipping” is always left enabled. This fixes issues in the “opcode replay buffer” and judder problems while using “synchronous timewarp”. Games that needed it disabled, like Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker are now fixed.

– Significant revamp of the “Opcode Replay Buffer” system.
– Skybox dectection and skybox motion sickness prevention options.

Other Fixes/Additions
– Camera roll/pitch/yaw correction added. Only works on some games, and some menus or scenes may be incorrectly rotated. Use “Read Camera Angles” to enable per-game.
– Limited “Keyhole Aiming”/”Keyhole Snap” added. Works in 1st person games where yaw correction is working perfectly.
– Add option to slow down audio per game (for AR codes that raise the frame-rate).
– Many fixes to audio with synchronous timewarp and opcode replay.
– Culling code bruteforcer has been significantly revamped and for the most part no longer crashes. It can be ran with the -bruteforce 0 or -bruteforce 1 command line. Before running the bruteforcer, generate a .map file in the dolphin debugger, and create a save state where you have used freelook to find some culling.
– Fixed an issue in the Fifoplayer where some labels would fail to be displayed.
– Align hotkeys with Dolphin master.
– Fix crashes during Hide Object Code bruteforcing.
– Changing the code size in the Hide Object GUI now behaves properly.
– About screen updated with Dolphin VR information.
– Many hide object codes added.
– Default settings for many games added.

Culling Codes
A complete list of codes that have been added to can be found here:
Note: Some of these may require slight overclocking of the emulated Dolphin CPU to work without stutter.
60fps Patches
– Starfox Assault 75fps codes.
– Super Mario Sunshine 75fps codes.
– Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon 75fps codes.
– Pikmin 1 60fps codes (occasionally causes some issues with throwing pikmin).
– ExciteBots 60fps hack
– Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, very rough 60fps hacks. Many issues with these.
– Read the “VR Instructions” tab for a quick setup rundown.
– Sometimes using “Synchronize GPU Thread” can fix judder while using the “Opcode Replay Buffer”.

Main Dolphin Trunk
The Non-VR Dolphin team has been doing a lot of great work optimizing and fixing bugs, which have all been merged up to the beginning of May.

– Occasionally, audio will be garbled in a couple of games when “Enable Idle Skipping” is checked, XAudio is being used, and the opcode replay buffer/synchronous timewarp is enabled. This can be fixed by using OpenAL or disabling “Idle Skipping”. OpenAL is recommended, because disabling “Idle Skipping” can cause issues in some games.
– Changing OpenGL resolution in game can cause headtracking issues and Vsync loss.
– Opcode Replay Buffer does not work perfectly in every game.
– “Synchronous Timewarp” sometimes causes some slight “buzzing”, especially with “Enable Idle Skipping” disabled.
– “Opcode Replay Buffer” does not work when “Deterministic Dual Core Mode” is enabled.
– Still plenty of rendering issues to fix.
– “Direct Mode” only works on my computer judder free with “Deterministic Dual Core Mode” or “Synchronize GPU Thread” enabled, and the mirrored window on, but resized to 0 pixels. Your mileage may vary.

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